Buyer Information

Buying a boat is an exciting, fun event that should be a pleasurable experience. However, this pleasure can be somewhat tainted by the complex nature of vessel ownership, maritime liens and the many methods of marine titling make the boat buyer take pause. The prudent buyer may wish to look to the professionals for assistance in what is a major life purchase.
Relying on the expertise of over 50 years experience in the maritime titling field, our staff is accustomed to dealing with intricate details involved in the purchase of a vessel. Our knowledge of the local, state and federal regulations, the fields of research, title problem areas, and ownership difficulties are just a small part of the complications that can arise during a boat purchase.
We want the happy memories of your new boat to begin with the purchase. Our staff strives to make the transaction as stress and worry free as possible. We want the buyer to be aware of all aspects of the process, and we are always available to explain the various steps that are being taken. This communication lessens any anxiety and simplifies the procedure.
Whether it is a private party transaction, or working with a broker or dealer, Pacific Maritime Title, acting as a third-party agent, can co-ordinate all of the aspects of the transaction and coordinate the needs of the various parties: buyer, seller, selling broker, listing broker, lender and lienholder to facilitate and ensure a smooth boat purchase


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