Brokers and Dealers Information

A wide range of vessel brokers and dealers utilize the services of a marine title company. In addition to the vast experience our staff has garnered in this field, we bring some other unique perspectives that assist in the services provided for our brokers and dealers. Two of our staff were integral elements to presenting two of the largest boats shows ever seen in the Northwest. As executive director and boat show director for the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association, they became intimately familiar with the needs of the broker and dealer in their own environment. They learned many of the complex issues that the broker/dealer must contend with in obtaining a listing, working through offers, surveys, negotiations, and, all the while, staying within the boundaries established by state and federal regulations.
Yacht brokers want to spend their time selling boats. Pacific Maritime Title can assist by freeing up the time that would be spent on researching the title on listed vessels, verifying the ownership information, obtaining the seller transfer documents, preparing the buyer title documents, securing any lender, assisting in the settlement of funds, paying off any underlying liens and, finally, filing for and acquiring the type of title required by the new owner of the vessel.
We hope that any brokers or dealers that have not used our services will give us a try and discover how easy it is to hand over those time-consuming details to the capable hands of Pacific Maritime Title.

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