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Our company is composed of a staff of professionals that has been providing vessel titling, documentation, settlement services and third-party closings for a combined period of over 60 years.  More than any other marine title or documentation company in the Northwest!

Our titling professionals are: Molly Holden, Manager; Tanya Lage, Title Agent; and Kim George, Title Agent.  Those within the industry or veteran boat owners are familiar with our staff and have worked with them for years, decades in some instances.

We invite you to browse our website and we hope that it provides some insight into the unique nature of maritime titling and documentation.  In addition, we encourage you to contact our office to discuss any aspect of the process. 

Whether you are purchasing your first boat, are refinancing an existing boat, selling, or trading in for a larger model, we hope that you will allow our team of professionals the opportunity to assist in your titling needs.  We are intimately familiar with all aspects of maritime titling and closings.


About Our Company

Pacific Maritime Title was formed in answer to the needs of Northwest buyers, sellers, brokers, dealers, lenders and attorneys seeking a third-party professional to coordinate and organize all aspects of a vessel transaction.  Our staff gathers the pertinent information; researches the title and interprets the results; prepares all transfer documents; prepares all new titling documents; secures any lender’s interest; prepares closing statements; pays off any existing liens; and disburses the sales proceeds as authorized by the concerned parties.  We prepare separate instructions from buyer, seller, and broker/dealer to insure the transaction is properly completed and in the most efficient and expedient manner. 

The Northwest is unique in its usage of third-party settlement agents acting in a fiduciary role to coordinate all facets of the transaction and to supervise the disbursement of sales proceeds.  It may be noted that our area also boasts the highest percentage of Certified Professional Yacht Brokers, a national accreditation program created to encourage the professionalism of the yacht brokerage community.

Pacific Maritime Title strives to provide the highest level of customer service while maintaining the utmost degree of integrity.  Our staff has worked diligently to establish a reputation for ethical practices and stringent principles.


Vessel Titling, Documentation and Settlement Services

As a consumer in today's marketplace, you may spend as much or more for your vessel as you did for your home. The condition of the title and ownership of vessels, however, is often more complicated than found with real property. Vessel ownership may be shown through Coast Guard documentation, State title and/or State registration. Some vessels are required to hold certain types of titles, and not all states offer all types of titles or list all manners of ownership.

The regulations defining maritime ownership and liens fall under federal admiralty law and are often more complex than those administered at the State level or defined by State law. Vessel titling professionals know how to verify vessel ownership and where to search for what reconveyance items are needed to clear encumbrances. More and more yacht dealers, lenders and purchasers look to professionals to perform the title research, to prepare transfer documents, and to assist in obtaining the desired type of title.

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